Our Legal Firm’s Promise

Image of Boston - Real Estate Attorney Boston MA - Robert J. Wise

To Our Clients

The real measure of a healthy business lies in the strength, depth and length of its relationships with its core customers. Our mission is to make your experience with us make you want to be one of our core customers. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional or even “outrageous” service. Not regular service, not good service. Outrageous service. We will strive to anticipate your needs when we can and will rush immediately if you need anything else. We want to go above the call of duty and quite out of line with prevailing industry standards.

To all Real Estate Professionals

Your customers trust you to make the purchase or sale of their home or condominium as simple as possible. To them, you’re much more than a real estate agent or mortgage lender, you’re a trusted advisor they look to for professional guidance and expertise, delivering information with sensitivity to their personal and family needs. To you we promise the following:

  1. You will always be kept fully up to speed on the status of all of your pending transactions. Your calls and emails will always be answered promptly. Your imput is always requested and respected.
  2. You are fully recognized and appreciated as a referral source. We will go to great lengths to make sure that your recommendation of our real estate services leaves you with a thankful client. We are always willing to help you grow your business. Upon the conclusion of any transaction, you have a standing offer to sit down with us so that we can discuss any issues you are seeing in the marketplace and how we may help you.