Real Estate Attorney

Our office concentrates on the practice of real estate law throughout the Greater Boston Area. Specifically, our practice focuses on legal areas relating to the acquisition, development, financing and sale of real estate. Such representation may include, but is not limited to, purchase and sale agreements, mortgages, deed preparation, condominiums, mortgages, and resolving landlord and tenant disputes.

There is no such thing as a “typical” real estate client. Thus, our level of expertise and service is more dynamic. Our client’s needs span from first-time home buyers to sophisticated investors and developers. However, regardless of the type of client or level of sophistication of the matter, our office believes that our service should always provide clients with the following:

•Reducing complexity (stress, headaches, sleepless nights);

•Simplicity power (confidence, valuable use of time, and a good night’s sleep).

We take particular pride in our attention to detail and client service. More specifically, we have found that a team-oriented approach always works. Our staff strive to know every detail and nuance of a particular transaction, and have trained diligently to uncover any potential headaches before they arise and before simple issues become critical.